Birthday Parties

 Host your child's Birthday Party at Stoughton Tumblers Inc.!


Birthday parties are available for children turning ages 2-18. See below for specific details!

Trampoline & Tumbling Parties

Trampoline & Tumbles parties have 100% private access to the entire gym for 2 hours. Private access to the entire gym includes all equipment (minus the stationary and traveling belt systems) and our 16x16 jungle-themed bounce house. Each party receives 1.25 hours in the gym for supervised play, followed by .75 hours in the party area for food, cake, and presents.

Parties are available every Saturday from 1:00-3:00 or 3:15-5:15. Friday evening and Sunday parties are available upon request.

Laser Tag Parties

Stick with our Trampoline & Tumbling birthday parties OR try our NEW Laser Tag Parties!

Laser Tag Birthday Parties are designed to be a fast-paced, get your adrenaline-rushing, high-intensity birthday party. Participants will play a variety of organized laser tag games and "battles" as well as enjoy free time!


* 15 birthday party participants (including birthday child)

* All equipment provided by Stoughton Tumblers.

* Parties are for children ages 5+

* 75 minutes of laser tag activities & free time + 45 minutes in the party area (tables and table cloths provided)

Q:  What is the difference between the Trampoline & Tumbling parties VS Laser Tag Parties?

A: Both parties include private, full use of the facility. Trampoline and Tumbling parties will not have access to the laser equipment but will have more trampoline and free play time. Laser tag parties will be organized so multiple laser tag games are played in a way that still allows children the opportunity to access all the gym equipment, if desired, during free time.

Birthday Party Specifics...