Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling classes are organized by level. Your child will progress through our level program as they learn basic to advanced tumbling skills.

Choose to come once a week or twice a week! 

Class Level Requirements

Children fit into level 1 when they are working on forward rolls, backward rolls and beginning to learn a cartwheel. These children need manipulative to help them cartwheel and can’t quite get their legs all the way over their head. Children ages 4.5-8 years of age may fall in this level. A level 1 child would be considered a beginner.


T & T LEVEL 2 -

Children fit into level 2 when they are already good at rolls and can do a good cartwheel independently. Children in this level should also be able to do a run skip cartwheel and a handstand independently, as well as working towards a round off. Trampoline skills such as tuck, straddle, pike and seat drop are required for this level.


T & T LEVEL 3 -

Children in level 3 can do all of the level 1 and level 2 requirements plus have a solid round off. These children should be working a back handspring using manipulative such as the smarter spotter and/or harness and can do so with ease or independence. Trampoline skills required consist of all level 2 skills as well as a turntable (swivel hips) and seat to belly.


T & T LEVEL 4 -

Children in level 4 can do all level 1 through 3 requirements as well as a back handspring independently or with a light spot. Children in this level should also be putting the round off and the back handspring together. Trampoline skills required consist of all level 2 & 3 skills as well as a front tuck, backdrop pullover and other connected skills.


REC ages 10+ -

This class is designed for those children who are ten years of age or older. These children want to progress in their skills, which may be from basic to advance, but not necessarily want to be on the competition track.




The dynamite program is set up for children who are too advanced (or too old) for the preschool program but may not be quite ready to fully jump into a level 1 class. The focus of this class is on basic tumbling skills and perfecting the cartwheel, handstands, and running cartwheel. Dynamites are between the age of 4.5-5.5 years of age.



This is a pre-competitive program with the goal to progress to our competitive team down the road if you so choose. Dynamites is an invitation-only class for children ages 5-7. This class will be held in the ¨big room” and will focus on strength, flexibility, and basic tumbling skills. A run, hurdle round-off is a prerequisite skill for this level as well as intermediate trampoline skills.


PRE-TEAM 1 & 2-

The pre-team class is designed for those athletes who are either very close to competition levels or are ready to slowly transitioning to competing. This class will not have the same requirements as the competitive team but it is a transitional class to the competitive team.  You may choose to have your child attend once a week for 1.25 -1.5 hours or twice a week for up to 2.75 hours. Pre-team athletes will have the opportunity to compete through the USTA at select competitions.



The rec team classes are designed for those athletes who show growing skills in the sport but do not want to compete outside of the gym. Skills required for the rec team vary from beginner to advanced but all athlete must show focus and a good work ethic and progress with hard work through our leveled programs. Rec team athletes will be required to attend in house competitions (Showcases') held at Stoughton Tumblers throughout the year. A matching team leotard may be purchased.


The competitive team is comprised of both boys and girls of all ages and levels. Stoughton Tumblers is part of the United States Trampoline and Tumbling Association (USTA) so we compete against surrounding gym from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and sometimes Wisconsin. A commitment to the competitive team means you commit to attending practices twice a week, traveling to surrounding states for competitions and participation in fundraising.