Policies & Parent Info

Parent Handbook



Please review Stoughton Tumblers policies. We are excited you have joined us!

Classes/Programs & Special Events Offered

Classes / Programs:

  • Trampoline & Tumbling (ages 4-18)
  • Stoughton Warrior (a.k.a. Ninja Warriors - ages 5-13)
  • Parent/Child (ages 18 months - 2.5 years)
  • Preschool Trampoline & Tumbling (2.5 - 4.75 years)
  • Rec 10+ (ages 10+)

Specialty Classes: Invite only 

  • Dynamites (4.5-5.5 year old)
  • Mighty Mites (4-7 year old)
  • Rec-competitive Team (6-13 years)
  • Pre-Team (ages 5-10)
  • Competitive Team (5-18 years) 

Special Events:

  • Parent’s Night Outs - Typically twice a month
    • 5:30-9:30pm for $25 
    • 5:30-8:00pm for $20 
  • Open Gyms 
    • Friday mornings 
    • Saturday morning/afternoon

Class Enrollment: Enrollment can now be done all online! To enroll, go to our website and click “Enroll Now.” Choose the program you are interested and then choose the day and time that works for your family. Hit the “register” button to enroll for the class. You will be prompted to set up an account through Go Motion. Please input all needed information as well as a debit or credit card that you wish to be billed monthly for tuition.

NEW - once you are enrolled for a class, we assume you will continue to enroll monthly, until you tell us otherwise. However, you may pause your class enrollment, which also pauses your class tuition at any time. To do this, simply email us your intentions or fill out and return a “pause enrollment form.” 

To withdraw from a class, you must email us your intentions to pause your enrollment prior to the 1st of the month, before payment is charged. Please allow at least 1-2 days for staff to make the change in the system. 

Late Fees: We have removed all late fees but will inform this policy if we see reoccurring issues. 

Class Tuition: Your tuition is charged monthly and is due on the 1st of the month.

Through our go motion app, we are requiring that all families keep a credit card or bank account on file for direct monthly payments. If you do not have this option, we will work with you on payments but you will have to contact Tara via email etc. to help. 

Registration Fee: A family registration fee is due every 365 days. The Go Motion website will charge your account each year (only when enrolled) for this fee. The annual registration fee is $30 per family.  

Sibling Discounts: Get 50% off your third and fourth child enrolled! This applies to the lesser valued program. Siblings must be full, half, or step to get this discount. 

Attending Class Twice a Week: When you enroll for a second day of classes, your second day is 50% off.  Mix and max programs and still save!

Special Events: Special events are open to the public. You do not need to be enrolled in classes to attend, so bring your friends! Special events include: open gyms and parent’s night out, summer camps etc. Payment for special events can be made when signing up or at the time of the event. All payment types are accepted: cash, check or charge. 

Parent/Spectator Viewing Areas: Parents are to stay in the designated areas at all times. If you would like to get from one viewing area to the other, you must go outside and back in. Please keep your children in the viewing areas and off of the half wall. The new seating area will be open as long as rules are followed. Specific rules for this viewing area are:

  • Do NOT put your children on the trampolines (as they will be in reach)
  • Do NOT step outside the designated areas and onto the spring floor

Waiver: You will be prompted to to fill out a waiver at the time of your online enrollment. If you come to special events and an online waiver is not already on file, you will need to fill out a paper version in the gym.

Parent/spectators & Equipment: Due to insurance, we do NOT allow anyone over the age of 18 on the equipment. Parents are NOT allowed on the equipment. However, if given special permission by a lead instructor, a parent may be allowed on the floor to assist their child. 

Attendance Policy: Class attendance is kept weekly to ensure your child is not holding a spot in class and not attending. We encourage you to try to attend all classes but of course, we understand that isn’t always possible.

Make-up Classes: We do allow make-up classes when space is available. Please contact us directly to set up your make-up classes. If you prefer a free open gym pass, that is an option too!

Coach to Athlete Ratio: We try very hard to staff the gym to keep a 4:1 or 5:1 athlete to coach ratio for classes. 

Private Lessons: Private lessons may be arranged with coaches. Each private lesson is $50.00 per hour for 1 child.

Clothing/Attire: Rec-team and competitive team athletes must wear either a leotard or tight fitting clothing (that will not fly up) to class. Hair should be pulled back into a pony or bun to stay out of the athletes face. All other classes may wear anything that allows for movement. We ask no jeans, dresses or skirts. Socks will depend on the day/event as we do not allow them in the foam pit.  

Drop Off & Pick Up: Parents may stay to watch class or just drop their child off.  If you drop your child off, please make sure they are aware to wait for you inside until they are picked up. Stoughton Tumblers will not have the staffing to watch your child after their class is complete. Please drop off and pick up on time! 

Parent/Spectator Coaching: Please do not coach your child(ren) from the viewing area. Leave the coaching up to the coaches. If you have a suggestion or comment, you may try to speak with a coach before or after class. Also, please do not spot your children at home. Whereas what you would be doing at home may feel helpful, it may actually be doing more harm than good and interfere with learning the proper technique and progressions

Parking: Parking is not permitted on the grass. Anyone who parks on the grass or block other cars in will be asked to move their vehicle immediately. If the parking lot is full, you may park on the street as well. 

Bad Weather Policy: Stoughton Tumblers has the right to close when the Stoughton Area School District closes due to cold or snow. However, we will always try to stay open, if possible. Updates on weather closings will be posted on our website at www.stoughtontumblers.com or on our Facebook page: Stoughton Tumbling & Trampoline. Please check here for updates as we may still be open!